Services and Fees

This page gives details of my professional fees. These fees cover the contact time with you and your child but also travel, record keeping, target setting and session planning and preparation of any resources.

Please feel free to contact me initially either by email or phone. Every child and their circumstances are unique and I aim to tailor packages to suit your individual situations. Following our initial contact and discussion you will be able to decide whether or not you wish to go ahead with an assessment or block of therapy.

The current fees for Speech and Language Therapy with Talkalot are as follows:

Initial discussions (phone calls/emails) to identify and agree support Free of charge
Initial Assessment (minimum 1 hour) includes cost of assessment record sheets, verbal feedback & initial strategies/advice & phonecalls £80
1:1 therapy session/ observations (includes all materials) £70 per hour (£35 per half hour)
Home Programme £20 – £40 (depending on pack size)
Attendance at Education meetings/reviews  £70 per hour
Report writing £70 per hour (Detailed Report)

£20 for a brief report following an initial assessment

Mileage: For Longer journeys travel time may be charged, however shorter travel time is included in my fees. All mileage costs would be discussed and agreed in advance.


After an initial assessment I will give you an idea of whether any further sessions are required and if so how many. It’s not always easy to predict how many sessions of therapy will be required and whether this should be weekly or less frequently. We can review this together on a regular basis. In some cases it may be that I can support you with a home programme which can be reviewed when required.

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